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Our School Garden

About Our School Garden and Outdoor Classroom

Adelante Selby’s school garden is a special space where children connect the standards they are learning in the classroom to the natural world around them. Activities in the vigorous and vibrant oasis are linked to language arts, history, science, and nutrition curriculum through planned--and spontaneous--lessons.

Our school garden and outdoor classroom aims to grow scientists, healthy eaters, and environmental stewards through hands-on experiential learning. We strive to get our hands (a little) dirty by using the garden as a platform for our learning, caring for it and the land that grows the fresh garden veggies and fruits we love to eat. We’re passionate about working together, challenging ourselves while trying our best, being safe, and respecting one another. Oh, and of course having fun!

The outdoor classroom features benches set among several large garden beds full of seasonal plants like various vegetables, herbs, succulents, and blooming flowers. There are also many fruit trees for young thinkers to enjoy. 

Students have a hand in much of the garden work, including building “bug hotels,” creating or decorating raised beds, and tending to the plants--all while they learn by doing. With hands in the soil, children explore important and age-appropriate concepts such as the five senses, plant anatomy, the scientific method, and wellness and nutrition. 

There are extended opportunities, as well, with an afterschool Garden Club and a nutrition ambassador program held at lunchtime.