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We have a wonderful remodeled library at Adelante Selby School housed in the Library/Media Center Facility. With over twelve thousand books on the library shelves both in English and Spanish, there is truly something for everyone, and our collection is still growing. Each week, students visit the library with their classes. During these visits students hear stories, learn library skills and of course, check out books to take home.

All of the library’s book collection are cataloged on the school’s electronic catalog. Mac computers are available for students to search for books based on subject, title or author. The terminals are also networked to allow for on-line research and exploration. All of the school’s computers are moderated and a filter has been installed to prevent inappropriate use.

The Adelante Selby Library is not just for our students, we also have a parent’s library program. Parents may borrow library books after filling out a simple application. We would like to encourage more parents to come and take advantage of our library. 

If you have any questions about the library, please feel free to drop by and speak with our librarian.


The school library now has a stocked shelf full of great, high interest books for families, friends and community members to select from and donate a book. 

Please visit the school library’s Donate-A-Book shelf, select the book you wish to donate and give your $25.00 to the school librarian. The money collected will be used to purchase other high interest, needed selections to place on the Donate-A-Book shelf for others to donate. The donated books are placed immediately into circulation for children to borrow.

Help increase Adelante Selby Library’s Collection – donate a book!